Merrittville Speedway to Seal
GM 602 Crate Engines         

For Immediate Release - From Erica Bicknell-Jones, General Manager
905-685-7223 (Winter Office)

In effort to assist in the inspection process at Merrittville Speedway and other race tracks where the GM 602 Crate Engine is being run, Merrittville Speedway Officials have announced that effective immediately, they will be sealing all new “in the crate” GM 602 Crate Engines that are sold from Pete’s Automotive, and as an option for engines purchased from other dealerships.  

 Drivers who purchase an engine from other dealerships may have their engine sealed as well.  In order to do so, you must bring your engine to Pete’s Automotive with the purchase invoice on the same day that the engine was purchased.  The engine must remain in the crate it is purchased in and can only be opened by Merrittville Speedway Officials.  There is no charge to drivers for this sealing process.  

Merrittville Speedway Officials remind drivers that although this sealing process will decrease the amount of tech that is needed, it does not excuse your engine from being inspected, or torn apart at any time.  

 Merrittville Speedway Officials encourage all drivers purchasing new GM 602 Crate Engines to participate in this program.    If you have any questions or would like to arrange for your engine to be sealed, please contact Erica by email at or by phone at  905-685-7223 until the end of March, and then at the Speedway Office 905-892-8266 for the remainder of the race season. 


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